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Having the backdrop of the city of Porto, "Eroticon" tells the story of a journalist who investigates a series of strange cases of sexual encounters somewhere on the dark streets of this city. That would be the opportunity of a lifetime to do a job that would be a major help to her career. This cases of rape occur in strange circumstances, and the stories of the victims seem to indicate something very strange and interesting : they always recognize the man, or woman, as if it was somewhat combined by both of them, and nothing like a rape is related, but more of some fantasy, dream or sensual experience. As a way to organize an investigation into the case, Diana invites the so called victims to provide an interview in his newspaper. The aim is to collect data that allow her to understand what's happening to those people. Their motivation, their desires. Meanwhile, other sinister character inhabits the city streets... Since quite some time that the police suspected of a copy-cat, someone who, pretending to be that sort of a mythical lover, also takes part in this kind of colective fantasy, not for the sensual experience, but for murder. Roberto, a police officer who as a secret passion for Diana, becomes afraid for Diana's safety, since she's a obvious target for this copy-cat, The Imitator. Diana is made prisoner by the copy-cat, and tied up in the Imitador lair, where a evocative and philosophical climax will take place. After that, Diana published his work in the form of a book. Roberto remains close to her, perchance implying something more than just a friendship. "Eroticon" is, in sum, a story about the limits of fantasy, eroticism and dream


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IMPORTANT: All models posed free will, were informed of the general rules of the project and were of legal age (above the age of 18) at the time of the session. The photos taken for the Arcadeluz project, were taken with the express consent of the model, as well as any type of information associated with them. On the Scouting section is included material that was allready on a public share platform. Under any circumstance is published any secured or private material!